Miller and Goodell for Village of Lansing Trustees

Why we are running for Village of Lansing Trustees

Yasamin Miller:  In 1974 the Village of Lansing was formed in response to the local residents’ protests about rapid, uncontrolled development .  That is how the Community Party came to be.  Ironically now, they seem to be fully supporting development despite significant local opposition, development they insist is based upon a comprehensive plan that uses data more than 12 years out of date.  Since they have been the unchallenged decisionmakers for decades, they set the agenda for the village. 

 I first started attending Board meetings because of the proposed Lansing Reserve development. The dismissive attitudes that many experienced from the trustees for expressing our views were extraordinary.  I decided to run for Trustee after it became apparent that Village representatives had their own agendas.  This was reinforced when I was inadvertently sent an email from the Village clerk that was a summary of concerns the trustees have about the Lansing Reserve proposal (dated 4-28-12).The clerk was reprimanded by a trustee for sharing this information with me as they had no intention of making this document public.  Clearly they have had discussions and made decisions behind closed doors – why?  Choice and transparency are the hallmarks of democracy. If we have no competition, then we by default have trustees who are all of the same mindset.  Just taking a look at the voting record will reveal they vote as one.

 I came to this country in 1986 with a graduate degree in statistics. I am the founding director of Cornell’s Survey Research Institute.  Part of my work involves collaborating with municipalities to help them understand how to meet the needs of residents by conducting public opinion surveys.  I also have significant business experience.  I am solely responsible for providing work to support our 50+ person team as we get no university funding, and I have done so successfully for 15 years. My job  requires me to bring people together from varying backgrounds (economically, professionally, ethnically, etc.) to achieve a common goal.  This experience is what I bring to our village government.

 Our village needs a different perspective than what has been in place for decades.  I will see to it that inclusion, open government and accountability occur. True representation is of critical importance for us at this time.  Given decisions that lie ahead, without trustees who are from the “outside” we cannot leverage the power of diversity and inclusion that is critical to ensure our village remains a wonderful place for all. 

Brian Goodell: I am currently a Lead Coordinator in Facility Services at Cornell University where I have worked since 1989.  I have a long record of public service over the decades, serving for over a half a dozen organizations, including serving for the Varna Fire Department, Cornell United Way as well as TCAT.  I served my fellow Service and Maintenance workers as their union president for three years. I am the father of five children and grandfather of seven.  I am a hard-working man who punches a clock every work day.  I am a family man who has experienced the struggles of raising a family and living from paycheck to paycheck.

I believe that my work and community service experience over the years positions me well to serve as a Village of Lansing Trustee.  I have a strong sense of community, building relationships, and improving the lives of the average person.  I regularly interact with people who are not politically engaged in our village, and who are feeling detached from our representatives.  I hear from my neighbors and colleagues that they are concerned about the direction the village is taking in terms of development in their areas, but feel that no one cares about their concerns.  I want to make sure that the voice of ALL people are included as major decisions that will impact the future of our village are being made now.  One political party, uncontested for decades, inevitably has limited ability to represent all the people.  Choice is important for any political system to function in a healthy fashion.   Knowing your community and responding to its diverse needs is at the heart of effective public service.

My wife Nancy and I are blue collar, hard-working residents.  We face the struggles that the current economy has given to us every day.  I know many in the Village that feel that they are not represented with the current one-party system.  They see decisions made without their input, and aren’t even included when these decisions that will affect their lives are made.  It is time that they are represented and given a voice.  A responsive voice that is accountable to them.  A voice that understands and listens to them.  I want to be that voice.

The Trustees have all come from one party, who in turn hand-select the Planning Board members.  I am a strong believer in the democratic process, and feel that everyone should have representation regardless of their background.  It is important to have residents who are not “insiders” part of the governing process to challenge, reevaluate and ensure that the agenda being set by our village representatives accurately reflects the needs and desires of the residents, not those from the outside seeking to profit from the resources we have.  I want to ensure that diverse opinions are given fair and equal voice and has a place in our local government. I also want to ensure that the founding principles of our village are upheld, assuring development proceeds with the desires of the community, protecting our environment, making the village a great place to live for everyone.


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Lansing Star: An Interview With Yasamin Miller

The Lansing Star conducted an interview with candidate Yasamin Miller, who is running with Brian Goodell for seats on the Village of Lansing Board of Trustees.

“Miller says she is running because she believes in a government that is responsive to the values of the community and vigorous and healthy debate, and competitiveness. She will bring her training and experience as a statistician, experience related to running a business to the Board of Trustees, and says her listening skills will move the Village forward in the way residents want.”

Read the whole interview here.

Visit Yasamin and Brian’s website to learn more.

Vote on April 24 for Miller and Goodell!




Lansing Star: Choice in the Village of Lansing

Please read this editorial by Dan Veaner of the Lansing Star about the upcoming elections.

Vote for Yasamin Miller and Brian Goodell for Village of Lansing Trustees on April 24!

Area Study Proposals

The Village of Lansing has put their consideration of the Lansing Reserve project temporarily on hold. The Village intends to hire a consulting firm to study area issues pertaining to zoning, traffic, and access. These are the proposals they received in response to their RFP (Request For Proposals).

For an article on recent developments, see The Lansing Star’s article Lansing Reserve Opponents Want Area Study Delay.

A Neighborhood Concern

The Village of Lansing is determined to develop the land next to Wood Thrush Hollow Road.

Why should you be concerned?

Every proposal contains an access road joining Wood Thrush Hollow Rd. to Janivar Rd.

The daily traffic through our neighborhoods is predicted to increase to between 1500 and 2000 residential car trips, resulting in decreased safety, increased noise, decreased air quality, loss of undisturbed common green space.

If you don’t want this to happen, let the Village of Lansing know.

Come to the joint Board of Trustees and Planning Board meeting and let your voice be heard. In support, we’re asking everyone to attend the meeting wearing GREEN.

Where: Village Office, 2405 N. Triphammer Rd. (across from Ciao’s)

When: Tuesday January 31, 2012, 7:30pm

PLEASE let the Village hear from you and tell them:

  1. We do not want any development on Village owned land
  2. We want NO ACTION regarding adding roads to our neighborhoods
  3. We insist on a FULL environmental impact study – full Type 1 SEQRA – paid for by the Ohio based developer, NRP, not us, the tax payers
  4. We insist on FULL resident input before any further steps are taken
  5. We insist that decisions on this RFP be postponed until there is a public discussion
  6. We insist on an unbiased economic impact study
  7. We insist on a MORITORIUM on any building on the Dart Dr. parcels until the analyses have been completed

Come on your own or, better yet, bring as many friends, family, members and neighborhood members as possible. Let’s do what we can to preserve the safety, peace, and beauty of our neighborhood.

A matter of fairness

NRP (a corporation based in Ohio) wants to develop the land next to Wood Thrush Hollow Road. To finance the project the corporation is again applying to the state for a tax credit, claiming that they are providing low cost housing to our community.

This should be protested because:

  • In reality, only 8 out of 65 proposed units will truly be low income. The other 57 will be priced at market rate. (Netting the corporation a good profit, to the tune of $1.8 million, and robbing the village of potential tax income – not to mention that WE, the tax payers, will make up this difference.)
  • NRP is proposing to pay only $68,000/year in property taxes on a $14million development AND they admit that their development will run an annual deficit of approximately $100,000/year. Does this make any sense for us, as residents, to subsidize corporate America.
  • None of the people living in the neighborhood are in favor of this development because it will forever change the unique character of our village.
  • Each summer, over 40% of the more than 1100 rental units in the immediate vicinity of this proposed development become vacant (due to student turnover). Why is our village not working with our local land owners to identify 8 rental units that can be made available for low income individuals? This seems like the only logical and responsible approach.
  • The proposed development will require the building of a road through undisturbed common green space.
  • Our local schools are already over-crowded; adding more children to our schools makes no sense and is not serving any of our children.


Any way you look at it, the politically-driven push to create a 65-unit affordable housing project on a small site off Dart Drive will cost the local residents and the entire Village of Lansing.  Whether you measure it by additional traffic to our neighborhood, additional burden on our overcrowded schools, destruction of our precious green space and wetlands, or disruption of our quality of life, the consequences will be significant and permanent.

We can stop it — there are promising legal strategies being developed by our attorney.  Won’t you please contribute to our legal fund— we already have raised some funds from a core group of opponents to the project. This is a battle that we cannot afford to lose.  Every one of us will see our property values decline by at least $15,000 if this project goes through.  Let’s stop it now before it stops us later.
Make your checks payable to: STOP LANSING RESERVE (please leave your check with any household on Coventry Walk – behind the Northwood Apartments)

Village to Hire Consultant to Explore Options

According to a recent article on the Lansing Star, the Board of Trustees intends to hire a consultant to “study and recommend future development around Dart Road.” This could include the development of through-streets that would interfere with Lansing Greenway walking paths and the stream that runs south of Coventry Walk.

As residents of the Village of Lansing, we are concerned about the use of our tax dollars to hire consultants to aid an outside corporation (NRP) develop private land that they don’t even own, in a proposed project that clearly a good majority of the residents oppose.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition below to designate the Lansing Greenway path as a park.

Also, the next Board of Trustees meeting is Monday, Dec. 19, and the village clerk just confirmed that the Lansing Reserve project will be on the agenda for discussion. Please plan to attend this meeting at the Village Offices: 2405 North Triphammer Road (directly across from Ciao’s Restaurant). The meeting is at 7:30 pm.


Designate Village of Lansing Greenway as Edelman Park

CLICK HERE TO sign this petition.

To:  Village of Lansing Board of Trustees

We, the undersigned Village of Lansing community members, request that the
Village of Lansing Board of Trustees pass requisite legislation to designate
two parcels of land known as 46.1-7-99.1 and 46.1-7-100 as a park. They include the stream that runs southwesterly behind northerly and westerly properties of Coventry Walk, and surrounding wooded area, including Lansing Greenway walking paths, that connect Coventry Walk to Churchill Dr. and Janivar Dr. neighborhood.

Instruction to view Village of Lansing Tax Map 46.1, Block Number 7, Parcel Lot Numbers 99.1 and 100:
1. Enter Tompkins County Dept. of Assessment ImageMate Basic site
2. Go in “Click Here for Public Access”
3. Cut and paste the URL below of tax map 46.1 in the browser address bar


4. Enter 46.1-7 in the Tax ID field, which will display all properties in Block Number 7, and then individually look up the parcel(s).

These beautiful pieces of property allow the surrounding residents
to stroll in pristine natural surroundings, and also enable us to decrease our carbon footprint by traveling by foot or by bike to neighborhood merchants. The paths have been thoughtfully developed by the Village leadership, and we would like to take the additional step of preserving these properties in their present state in perpetuity by designating it a park.

In recognition of Audrey and Bill Edelman’s yet unrecognized extremely generous gift to our community by donating this land to the Village, we wish to make tribute and lasting recognition by naming this park in their honor.

We the people of Village of Lansing therefore henceforth seek to designate
these parcels of land a park in perpetuity with due recognition of the Edelmans.


The Undersigned

CLICK HERE TO sign this petition.