Designate Village of Lansing Greenway as Edelman Park

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To:  Village of Lansing Board of Trustees

We, the undersigned Village of Lansing community members, request that the
Village of Lansing Board of Trustees pass requisite legislation to designate
two parcels of land known as 46.1-7-99.1 and 46.1-7-100 as a park. They include the stream that runs southwesterly behind northerly and westerly properties of Coventry Walk, and surrounding wooded area, including Lansing Greenway walking paths, that connect Coventry Walk to Churchill Dr. and Janivar Dr. neighborhood.

Instruction to view Village of Lansing Tax Map 46.1, Block Number 7, Parcel Lot Numbers 99.1 and 100:
1. Enter Tompkins County Dept. of Assessment ImageMate Basic site
2. Go in “Click Here for Public Access”
3. Cut and paste the URL below of tax map 46.1 in the browser address bar


4. Enter 46.1-7 in the Tax ID field, which will display all properties in Block Number 7, and then individually look up the parcel(s).

These beautiful pieces of property allow the surrounding residents
to stroll in pristine natural surroundings, and also enable us to decrease our carbon footprint by traveling by foot or by bike to neighborhood merchants. The paths have been thoughtfully developed by the Village leadership, and we would like to take the additional step of preserving these properties in their present state in perpetuity by designating it a park.

In recognition of Audrey and Bill Edelman’s yet unrecognized extremely generous gift to our community by donating this land to the Village, we wish to make tribute and lasting recognition by naming this park in their honor.

We the people of Village of Lansing therefore henceforth seek to designate
these parcels of land a park in perpetuity with due recognition of the Edelmans.


The Undersigned

CLICK HERE TO sign this petition.


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