A Neighborhood Concern

The Village of Lansing is determined to develop the land next to Wood Thrush Hollow Road.

Why should you be concerned?

Every proposal contains an access road joining Wood Thrush Hollow Rd. to Janivar Rd.

The daily traffic through our neighborhoods is predicted to increase to between 1500 and 2000 residential car trips, resulting in decreased safety, increased noise, decreased air quality, loss of undisturbed common green space.

If you don’t want this to happen, let the Village of Lansing know.

Come to the joint Board of Trustees and Planning Board meeting and let your voice be heard. In support, we’re asking everyone to attend the meeting wearing GREEN.

Where: Village Office, 2405 N. Triphammer Rd. (across from Ciao’s)

When: Tuesday January 31, 2012, 7:30pm

PLEASE let the Village hear from you and tell them:

  1. We do not want any development on Village owned land
  2. We want NO ACTION regarding adding roads to our neighborhoods
  3. We insist on a FULL environmental impact study – full Type 1 SEQRA – paid for by the Ohio based developer, NRP, not us, the tax payers
  4. We insist on FULL resident input before any further steps are taken
  5. We insist that decisions on this RFP be postponed until there is a public discussion
  6. We insist on an unbiased economic impact study
  7. We insist on a MORITORIUM on any building on the Dart Dr. parcels until the analyses have been completed

Come on your own or, better yet, bring as many friends, family, members and neighborhood members as possible. Let’s do what we can to preserve the safety, peace, and beauty of our neighborhood.

A matter of fairness

NRP (a corporation based in Ohio) wants to develop the land next to Wood Thrush Hollow Road. To finance the project the corporation is again applying to the state for a tax credit, claiming that they are providing low cost housing to our community.

This should be protested because:

  • In reality, only 8 out of 65 proposed units will truly be low income. The other 57 will be priced at market rate. (Netting the corporation a good profit, to the tune of $1.8 million, and robbing the village of potential tax income – not to mention that WE, the tax payers, will make up this difference.)
  • NRP is proposing to pay only $68,000/year in property taxes on a $14million development AND they admit that their development will run an annual deficit of approximately $100,000/year. Does this make any sense for us, as residents, to subsidize corporate America.
  • None of the people living in the neighborhood are in favor of this development because it will forever change the unique character of our village.
  • Each summer, over 40% of the more than 1100 rental units in the immediate vicinity of this proposed development become vacant (due to student turnover). Why is our village not working with our local land owners to identify 8 rental units that can be made available for low income individuals? This seems like the only logical and responsible approach.
  • The proposed development will require the building of a road through undisturbed common green space.
  • Our local schools are already over-crowded; adding more children to our schools makes no sense and is not serving any of our children.


Any way you look at it, the politically-driven push to create a 65-unit affordable housing project on a small site off Dart Drive will cost the local residents and the entire Village of Lansing.  Whether you measure it by additional traffic to our neighborhood, additional burden on our overcrowded schools, destruction of our precious green space and wetlands, or disruption of our quality of life, the consequences will be significant and permanent.

We can stop it — there are promising legal strategies being developed by our attorney.  Won’t you please contribute to our legal fund— we already have raised some funds from a core group of opponents to the project. This is a battle that we cannot afford to lose.  Every one of us will see our property values decline by at least $15,000 if this project goes through.  Let’s stop it now before it stops us later.
Make your checks payable to: STOP LANSING RESERVE (please leave your check with any household on Coventry Walk – behind the Northwood Apartments)


2 responses to “A Neighborhood Concern

  1. Please use a more accurate map.

  2. Carla Marceau

    You say that “The Village of Lansing is determined to develop the land next to Wood Thrush Hollow Road.” I’ve talked with Village trustees and planning board members and don’t get that impression at all. The current village government has a great record of preventing irresponsible development, but is even-handed, not solely dedicated to your cause. My impression is that the trustees and planning board members listen impartially and try to understand all concerns and try to find the best solution.

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