Lansing Star: An Interview With Yasamin Miller

The Lansing Star conducted an interview with candidate Yasamin Miller, who is running with Brian Goodell for seats on the Village of Lansing Board of Trustees.

“Miller says she is running because she believes in a government that is responsive to the values of the community and vigorous and healthy debate, and competitiveness. She will bring her training and experience as a statistician, experience related to running a business to the Board of Trustees, and says her listening skills will move the Village forward in the way residents want.”

Read the whole interview here.

Visit Yasamin and Brian’s website to learn more.

Vote on April 24 for Miller and Goodell!





One response to “Lansing Star: An Interview With Yasamin Miller

  1. Excellent interview. Ms. Miller makes good points. I am so glad that this interview was made available, so that Miller’s candidacy no longer appears to be based upon one issue. The more these points are publicized, the better!
    Thank you for making this information available.

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