We are a group of concerned residents in the Village of Lansing, NY, who oppose the construction of a housing development (called Lansing Reserve) proposed by the NRP Group.

Why do we oppose this proposed development?

Files containing documented explanations are listed in the Documents tab,  but this is a summary of our reasons.

Through our letter to the HCRD Deputy Commissioner, we have outlined the main points against this development – namely:

  1. There is NO market need.  Our letter to the HCR Deputy Commissioner shows with data that there is no need for this type of housing in the Village of Lansing.
  2. There will be significant impacts on our neighborhood in terms of traffic, character, safety, ingress/egress (which the Mayor himself is quoted as having admitted is a “serious problem” in a Board of Trustee meeting), and environmental issues (that parcel of land is part of the Village’s wetlands and there are also concerns about the new sightings of a type of rare warbler –seen as recently as this year).
  3. This development requires a zoning change – it will not be approved under the current zoning.  Currently, it takes years to get zoning changes approved (as evidenced by the current BJ’s development). This development WILL NOT be approved within the next year at least or two – if ever.  We, as Village residents, will fight this development approval and will keep our Village representatives accountable, insisting that they adhere to the Comprehensive plan which states clearly on page 36: “The Planning Board and Board of Trustees may also require performance standards higher than the minimum in the zoning law if there is a potential of an adverse effect on the neighborhood.”

The NRP application to the state is full of lies/inaccuracies and misstatements – as we outline in our letter to the mayor, and as he confirms in his letter to the HCR (upon our insistence).  The Board also retracted their letter to the NRP stating that their current development won’t be approved and they must request a PDA.

If the state approves this application, it will in effect be approving an application that intentionally presented fraudulent information in order to make NRP look good.  We will investigate the legal implications of this.

In the NRP Group tax credit application excerpt, you will see the following:

  1. NRP is going to make $1.736 million from this project.  They state this project is worth approximately $14,000,000, which means they will make 12.4% while having invested ZERO dollars!!!!
  2. Better Housing of Tompkins County (BHTC) will make in the order of $95,000-$110,000/year from this project in management fees while having put ZERO dollars into it.
  3. Chase (the lender) will be guaranteed a 7% return each year for 30 years (or will make over $200,000/year profit on this).
  4. NRP has allocated on the order of $20,000/year in reserves for this proposed 65 unit property – which means it will fall into disrepair very quickly as there won’t be any funds for upkeep.
  5. Tompkins County Area Development is giving NRP $75,000 (which NRP will pay back), but which means NRP is using our money to get this development going – they risk nothing.
  6. We (theVillage residents) will pay $197,000 for this project.
  7. We (the Village residents) will subsidize this development forever – as this will become a PILOT development – which means they will not pay taxes.  This means our property values will go down and our property taxes will go up!
  8. This is unfair also to the businesses who own all the surrounding rental properties who have to pay taxes and were not subsidized in any way for their developments.

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